Every child develops at their own unique pace- call now for a free consultation and individual assessment to find out which class is best for your child!

Parent & Child Class

NewBee-Emerging Walkers

This fun-filled class emphasizes bonding and trust with parents through active play. Your little ones will feel safe and supported as they take their first steps into the exciting world of movement! Beginning exploration is supported as children engage in sensory learning through music, colours and stimulating activities.

Buzzing Bees

Join us and enhance your child’s fundamental motor skills, as well as body and spatial awareness, through exciting movement activities! This class lays the groundwork for a lifetime of physical activity experiences. Social skills are introduced and language developed as children gain confidence and achieve new milestones.

Giggly Bees

Children’s movement abilities continue to grow, and imaginations stretched, as they engage in fun and creative problem-solving movement activities. Children gain independence as they are encouraged to explore and learn.

Independent Class

Bumble Bees

The increased movement and gymnastic tumbling challenges encourage every child to strive for his or her personal best. The emphasis here is on effort as every success is celebrated together. Teamwork and cooperative skills with peers are introduced and enhanced as children become competent problem solvers. The perfect place to channel all that boundless energy!

Flying Bees

This class develops strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination through movement exploration, fundamental educational gymnastics, and rhythm and dance. Posture, body control and agility improve as Flying Bees are challenged to overcome obstacles and come up with solutions. Supportive guidance and positive reinforcement ensure that perseverance, self-control and intrinsic motivation are cultivated.