Active bodies

A healthy body is a healthy mind! Physical activities at BeeBop Circus feature fundamental locomotor and non-locomotor, gross and fine motor skills. Our lessons will build your child’s overall fitness through increased strength, coordination, balance, and agility. Get ready to launch a lifetime of healthy habits!

Values and Morals

What could be more important than this? We believe it is never too early to start instilling positive values in your child. One of the most important things your child can do is to internalize strong values and guiding principles to help them make healthy and moral lifelong choices. Our programs integrate moral values such as responsibility, respect, teamwork, and empathy into each lesson.

Creative minds

The most outstanding children do not fit inside a box! Our lessons incorporate problem solving skills that promote the child's creative expression as well as critical and divergent thinking.

Soft skills

Social skills, team work, listening skills, sustained concentration…all essential skills that will be developed through our structured programs! Get ready to build your confidence and self esteem in a social, supportive and fun environment.